METAFORA® was born from an international and multicultural collaboration, merging psychology and art.

Mariann Csoma

Clinical psychologist and founder of Metafora®.

I’m a clinical psychologist, specialized in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy with years of experience working at various mental health institutions and international schools. Besides my clinical work, I also develop training and psycho-educational tools for schools with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of mental health. Passionate and creative, I’m always looking for projects that can enrich the field of mental health. I’m an active member of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence and a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer. My professional experiences have been acquired while working in several countries, including Hungary, France, and Switzerland.

Giulia Neri


I’m a concept illustrator from Bologna, Italy, where I studied fine arts and completed my university degree in psychology. After completing a master in psychotherapy, I worked as a psychologist, but realized after a few years that my passion was illustrating human feelings and emotions through art. Since then, I have been fully dedicated to illustration. Despite this, most of my art still stems from a desire to study and represent human behaviour.

Kim Witmer

Visual Communication Designer

I’m a Swiss visual communications designer with the intention to become a digital nomad. As designer, I believe visual communication is the first and last step for anyone trying to make an impression. That’s why I have made it my mission to translate your ideas into visual reality. I wish to be forever inspired by my surroundings and aspire to grow as much as I can, wherever I am.

Gergely Bényi

Multimedia producer

I’m a Hungarian multimedia producer, and constantly look for opportunities to learn and incorporate new techniques and technologies in every project I work on. I’m always aiming for a compelling blend of art and functionality. I believe humour is key to good communication, whether it is verbal or visual, and especially when it comes to conveying abstract ideas.

Paulo Navarro

SEO Manager and web programmer.

I am curious and entrepreneurial by nature. I like to bring originality to the business world. I currently use marketing and web development to strengthen my projects and help new entrepreneurs to make their ideas a real success.


Special thanks to Dr. John Pellitteri, Associate Professor at Queens College of the City University of New York and Co-Founder of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence, who consulted us during the tool development and our scientific research.

A special acknowledgement goes to clinical psychologist Beatrice Delage, who specializes in psychotraumatology and EMDR psychotherapy, for her professional support in the development of the METAFORA® User Manual.